How do I hide sections of my profile page?
If you would like to hide some sections from your profile, for example the map, you can easily make them disappear.

1. Visit your profile (not your home page, your profile)
2. Click the button to the upper right "Change My Layout"
3. Use your mouse pointer and hover over the top right corner of any section you wish to remove. For example, the image below shows an extra large mouse pointer (easier to find) hovering over a profile's location map, around the top right corner. By doing this a small icon appears, which you can see at the tip of the mouse pointer in the image below. Clicking this small icon will delete that section from your profile. You can do this with other sections too, just move your mouse around different areas you wish to remove, always in the upper right corner of the section, until the icon appears which allows you to delete that area from your profile. Nobody can see a section you remove once it has been deleted, not even Friendio Staff.

profile layout

You may also notice a cross appear on some sections. When you see that appear you can hold your mouse button down and drag the section to another part of your profile (either up or down) to make it they way you like it.

Once your finished simply click close in the upper right corner of your screen (all the way up).

Video Tutorial of custom features:
Customize Profile Page
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