How do I keep my private items out of the Pin-Ups?
Pin-Ups only shows Public content added by others. When you upload or add a photo, video, blog or music from the Social Feed you can select Friends, Friends of Friends, Only Me or Custom to specify who can see the item you add. If you don't specify this the item is Public.

When you upload or add items from the Photo page, Video Page, Music Page, etc. you can select the same Privacy Settings before adding the item. Once again, if you don't specify it's Public.

To remove content already appearing in the Pin-Ups page go to the item in question by visiting the Pin-Ups page and click the black Tack icon above the item to view it in a new window. Now choose Edit and change any menu item you see that says Public to your new selection. For example, if you change it to Friends only people in your own friends list can see it. The item will instantly be removed from the Pin-Ups section.
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