How do I stop people from seeing me in the 'Live Friends Feed'?
Update August 2012: The 'Live Friends Feed' has been removed from Friendio. The information below was the original answer to the question, but no longer applies since the Live Friends Feed has been removed from Friendio.

The live feed only shows what pages you visit, not everything you do with friends on their profile. For example you will show up in the live feed when you visit a Page inside of Pages, view a Quiz, or a Poll, Photo, etc. It does not show the community any profiles you view or things you do on those profiles. It also does not show any Games you play or Places you view, so another person may be very active on the site but not show up much in the live feed unless they visit a Page, take a Quiz, etc.

The Live Friends Feed only shows your activity to your Friends, and you only see activity of other people if those people are Friends with you. Other people who are not a Friend are not able to see your activity (unless you have modified your Privacy Settings and made your own Profile fully public. If you have made your Profile public others can see your activity if they visit your Profile).

If you would like to disable the live feed to stop it from showing future activity visit your own profile page or the home page and do the following:

1.) Locate the Live Feed in the right-hand column.

2.) At the top right corner of the Live Feed is an image of a gear (round image). Click that gear image to set your Live Feed activity to on or off by clicking 'Change' in the small pop-up window.

Click it again to re-enable the ability for others to see your live activity.

To close the small window with the 'Change' button just click the gear image again (on the top of the Live Feed).


You can even go a step further and click the Eyeball Image at the top of your feed (this appears on your Profile only). By clicking the Eyeball Image a / (slash) will go through the Eyeball. This hides the feed from view on your profile, but YOU will still see the feed when you visit your profile page. Any other person who visits your profile will see a gray box that says "This Person Has The Feed Off" and that's it. They will not see any past feed activity that you can see yourself.

Click the Eyeball again to re-activate the feed display on your profile for others to see.

What if I click the Eyeball Image, putting a / through it, but don't deactivate the feed with the Gear Image?

This will deactivate the display of the feed on your profile, but friends will still see your activity in their own Live Feed on their Home Page. If you don't want friends to see your activity on the Home Page, also click the Gear Image to turn the whole Live Feed system off (and click the Gear Image again to close that little window).
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