How do I join the Friendio Network?
There are two ways to sign-up, we made sign-up real easy, and simple to find, however there may be times where you can not register and the site will display 'Invitation Only'. We do this when too many people are registering (where our system resources are too consumed), but eventually we open up registration again, but you don't need an invite if you have an account elsewhere (see item #2 below).

If Friendio is not set as Invite Only:

1: Registration
Just visit our friend .io home page and fill out the form. You'll be part of the Friendio network in about 45 seconds. Your information is protected by encryption.

If Friendio is set as Invite Only or not:

2: 3rd Party Social Networks or Email Providers
As explained above, visit our home page but instead of filling out the registration form look to the top of the page. There are several social network and email buttons that help you sign-up using your existing Facebook® account or other networks that you can also choose from. This allows you to bypass the registration form and use your existing account data from the other network or email provider. If you choose to sign-up this way you'll be prompted by the network or email provider you choose to login (if you're not already) and you'll need to Allow (or Accept) the Friendio connection. In no way does Friendio access your login information, you'll enter this on the site you're a member of and that site will redirect you back to Friendio, and you'll be logged in! You will receive an email with a password from Friendio, but this is only needed if you choose to login later on without using a 3rd party social network.

If you are a student or alumni of any school anywhere in the world be sure to add your school in Pages after you register. There you can join your school, or add it if it doesn't exist yet so others current and past students can also join the school. Schools can be middle school, high school, college, university, specialty or any other type. Any educational institution can be added, and if you're associated with more than one school you can add all of them (if they don't exist yet).

If you are an employee or an employer you can add your place of business on our 'Pages' directory. Pages is for any type of business or brand, both online and brick & mortar.

You'll find both Schools and Pages in the Pages menu on the top navigation bar, which you'll be able to access once you complete sign-up.

Friendio is free to use by anyone in the world, regardless of race, religion or beliefs. We welcome all people from all walks of life!
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