How do I protect my privacy?
Friendio displays your profile as 'Friends Only' automatically when you sign-up. Only you, and any friends you add, can see your profile unless you change your privacy settings to 'Everyone'. You can further adjust your privacy settings for all site features by clicking Account in the top menu, then click Privacy Settings. You will find a simple interface where you can select what you want displayed and what you want hidden. You can even make your entire profile private so no person can see it, or enter invisible mode so nobody can tell you're on the site. Everything is set in the Privacy Settings.

If you choose to set your profile public (Everyone) you still have privacy at your fingertips. For example, you can type a status update and choose 'Friends Only' from the menu below your status update / comment box so only friends will see that post, and you can post a comment without setting this to make it public. You can do the same with photo albums, where you can make some albums public, others friends only, others only you, etc.

For a detailed explanation of how Privacy works View Social Networking Privacy Controls.
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