Can others tell if I visited their profile?
Yes, and you can see who has visited yours too by viewing your own profile, unless you change the settings.

There is no time or date of visit displayed, just that you visited the profile in the past. This only shows the most recent visitors, so if you view a profile today and others visit it after you they will show up as recent visitors and you will drop off.

If your profile Privacy Settings are set to 'friends only' nobody can visit your profile unless they are your friend, so if you visit a public profile and show up as a recent visitor, and that profile owner clicks on your profile, they can not see it (unless they're in your friends list).

You can disable the 'Recently Viewed By' box on your own profile if you don't want others to know who has viewed your profile. To remove this section simply visit your profile and click the 'Change Layout' button at the top right corner of your profile page. Next select 'Blocks' and click any yellow colored block to make it disappear from your profile (it will turn gray if it's off). Then close the profile designer and you're done!

To see all the customizing you can do on your own profile and Home page, besides the cover photo, view this video:

Customize Friendio Wall or Profile
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