Why don't I see a map on my profile?
NOTICE: The profile map has been disabled as of August 2012. We decided this was a privacy concern waiting to happen and believe it is best to have no 'mapping' within profiles. The below information no longer applies since the feature has been removed.

The profile map shows up on your profile when you login for the second time, however if you are connecting with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Yahoo or another third party network you are bypassing our login. To make the map appear you need to login (1 time) with your email & password that we sent to your email address. This lets you login through out login form and registers you on the map. After that you never have to login this way again, the map will always appear unless you remove it in your Privacy Settings. If the map is wrong you can click 'Edit Location' just below the map on your profile to change where the tack displays on the map.

If you no longer have the password we emailed you just log out of Friendio and click 'Forgot Password' to resend it.
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