What is social media?
Social Media Definition

Social Media commonly comes in two forms, the Web (or Internet) and Mobile (through cellular & Wi-Fi networks). These technologies are combined together to create a new way to communicate, most often including interactive media.

In most cases it involves a social network where Internet or mobile applications are combined together to create a single, larger application that is useful to people who wish to communicate more effectively. The majority of content within Social Media sites is user generated for the purpose of sharing with friends, family, classmates or co-workers.

Today, Social Media has changed the way the entire world communicates, including not only people but business as well. Social Media keeps communities, individuals and organizations together through instant communication commonly referred to as feed or wall updates.

This new style of communication can include blogs, shopping sites, forums, wikis and sharing sites for photos and video. Before the popularity of the Internet common social media would have come from in-print magazines, newspapers and the like. Today these forms of news and communication are more commonly found online and even they incorporate Social Media through the ability to leave comments on articles & news stories.

The future of Social Media is not yet known, however people can be sure this form of communicating with others will certainly remain close to what it is today. It has expanded beyond the common personal computer to mobile and WiFi devices, and now 'tablets'. This makes social sharing grow even more. People can be nearly anywhere in the world today and still keep up with the latest news from friends & family.
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