PRIVACY POLICY ADDENDUM FOR INTERNATIONAL USERS This addendum is added as a second part to our standard Privacy Policy which you can review here: Your Right To Privacy Friendio® strongly believes in a person's right to privacy. For this reason we offer this addendum to our standard privacy policy which was created specifically for U.S. users. We have noted an increasing amount of users registering for the Friendio service who are located outside of the United States. For this very reason we are further explaining our privacy policy which may affect you. We feel it is important for any person to fully understand what we do with information. We have spent a considerable amount of time researching privacy laws outside of the United States and put together this document which serves as an addition to our standard Privacy Policy, not a replacement. This document and our standard Privacy Policy both apply to you if you are outside of the United States. Storing of Data Friendio archives information every 24 hours for the purpose of data security, where an issue within our network such as a server crash or hard drive failure could potentially cause the entire system to literally vanish, including all accounts. For this reason Friendio has implemented a back-up system that archives data daily, where data may need to be restored to an earlier time should a worst cases scenario occur. This is a common practice performed by nearly every Website on the Internet today. This data is retained for a certain amount of time, usually 60 days, and then dropped from the system (permanently deleted). The data deleted includes the entire Friendio Website and all accounts, including your activity on the site. We do not retain or sell this data to any third party. Activity Outside of Friendio From time to time you may perform activity outside of the Friendio network. This activity may include clicking an icon to Like something on an external Website not owned or controlled by us. This may also include interacting with a third-party add-on, such as a game. Performing an action, such as a Like, is recorded within our database in order to show the action you performed to others. This action may identify you to others who may also visit that same Website or view the action within Friendio, where a link is posted to your Friendio Feed after you Like something from outside our network. Your photo and/or name may appear on any third party Website you 'Like', depending on the version of the Like button used by the third party. A second click (Unlike) removes you, the Like and lowers the number of Likes by 1 digit. Clicking the icon on this third party Website again will add the Like back on. Within your account you have full control of anything added to your feed, whether by you or by a third party add-on (app), and you can delete them anytime instantly. To further explain, outside of Liking something, any third party add-on asks for your permission before it can perform any actions. These permissions are asked one time, when you install the third party add-on, should you choose to do so. You are not required to give any permission to any third party add-on. You are offered the option to 'disallow' all permissions when installing an add-on, but you can still use the add-on even if you disallow the add-on from performing any actions on your behalf. Deleting Personal Items You have full control of what you add to the Friendio network, and any items you choose to delete can not be recovered. For example, if you enter text in a comment box to comment about a blog this comment appears for all to see under this item. Should you change your mind and delete the item it is lost forever, there are no copies of your entry available and it will not be archived in any back-up since deleting any item you add no longer exists in the database, hence it can not be added to the back-up for the day. Your Personal Data Your personal data is available to you anytime, and you do not need to request it from us. It is available to you always, as any personal data we have about you was added by you or others who may know you, and any of this data added by you can be viewed and/or deleted by you at anytime you choose. Should you wish to have data about you removed that was not added by you, such as data or information which mentions you in a comment, you can contact us to demand it be removed. We will comply by removing your information, or name, but the remainder of the data not related to you (if any) will remain as the user who added the data is given the option of removing anything additional that may have been attached to the data in question. If the data was on our network for more than 24 hours it is also archived in a back-up. This archive is securely stored on a Private Network not accessible from the Internet. After a period averaging 60 days this data is deleted and no longer available for retrieval. Please be sure to carefully choose what you delete. We can not retrieve any data you delete after this 60 day period has passed. In addition, anything you add and then delete the same day is not archived and can never be retrieved at all. 'Rolling Back' Privacy to a Previous State Friendio does not change privacy settings once in place unless required for compliance under any laws in any jurisdiction that may require a modification. In the event this happens all users, international or not, shall be notified in advance of this change, along with an explanation explaining how it may affect you. We will never 'roll back' to an earlier policy. As a matter of fact, we can't. We don't have an earlier policy to roll back to. What you are reading is the original and modifications have never been requested by any country to date. Sharing Information with Advertisers We do not share any of your personal information with advertisers. The only information that may be shared with an advertiser is statistical information which reveals items such as how many of a particular gender, from a particular country or city, are using Friendio, or what an average age group may be in a certain area, or within a certain topic. No names, photos or other personal information you may add is shared with any advertiser. No keywords from comments you make are recorded or shared with advertisers. There is no way for any advertiser to identify you unless you give the advertiser your information yourself. Photographic Facial Recognition and Tag Suggestions Friendio uses no facial recognition software or any other type of software that attempts to identify you without your knowledge. Although we can see the advantage to other users who may enjoy this feature we can also see the major disadvantage, invasion of personal privacy. For this reason Friendio will never offer any type of Facial Recognition related to photos or videos. In addition, Friendio does not offer and never will offer automatic suggestions related to adding a 'tag' to a photo containing your name. Browser Cookies and Tracking Friendio uses cookies to keep a member logged in to the network and keep track of whether or not the member is still active or should be logged out. These cookies serve no other purpose and do not track your activity outside of Friendio's network in any way. In addition, no information regarding cookies is sold or revealed to any third party. Further, Friendio does not review any cookie information either. Their only purpose is to inform our network if you are still logged in to the site. Deleting Your Account When your account is deleted, all information contained within your account is removed forever. This includes your mail inbox, any comments you've posted, any blogs you added, any photos, videos or text you have added. There is no way to retrieve this data once you delete your account, so be sure that's what you want to do.