More About Friendio® Friendio is a place where people can connect with friends on a computer or mobile device, the new way to meet and make new friends, and connect with the people you care about, all with your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Now you can share more and find new connections with friends, classmates, co-workers and those who live around you. Invite your friends today, so they can invite their friends, and watch this new community grow, making it easier to connect with friends anywhere in the world, anytime. Friendio is free to use and lets you upload or import videos from popular sites, share photos, inform those you care about when an event is coming and reminds you of birthdays a week before they happen, schedule e-cards and more. We know profile privacy is important today, and that's why your profile is easily marked 'Friends Only' so nobody can view any data in your profile unless they are a friend (you can change to this setting at any time you choose to, you can even set your profile so nobody can see it at all but you). You can further select (in your privacy settings) who can see what at any time. This will never change unless you change it. Our privacy policy is never revised to make some or all of the information you mark private suddenly become public across the entire social network, or the world. You can log in and invite friends, family, co-workers and contacts. You can even use any popular social network or email provider to create your account, and connect in the future. In addition, you can share with your status with friends so your contacts in the other networks can learn what you're doing here. You can instantly import videos from YouTube, MySpace and more. You can upload videos in all popular formats, our system will convert them to flash during upload. You can share your videos with social networks, like them on Facebook, feature them on the site and more. You can connect easily to share information from Friendio with Facebook, MySpace, digg, delicious, Twitter and other popular networks. Create business and brand pages, music pages, school pages and more. Once you register you are part of the network and you can log in anytime with any mobile browser, including devices such as Android, iPhone and iPad through our mobile social network or sign on with a computer or tablet to the main site. If you use Android click on Google Play when at your home screen, and search for wFriendio to grab the Friendio mobile app for Android. iPhone coming soon. Friendio also features the ability to write your own blogs, and share them with others. Photos, videos, blogs and more can be rated by other members too. You can also import contacts from any address book or another social network to easily invite others to join you here at Friendio for Friend Connections. Even more, you can import all of your photo albums! Friendio is operated in Orland Park, Illinois with an additional data center in eastern United States and a content delivery network by's Web Service. The site is owned by Friendio, Inc., an Illinois corporation. Friendio is a Registered Trademark recorded by the United States Patent & Trademark Office. Friendio was developed as an alternative way to share with the world and keep in touch with family and friends in a simple social environment that's fun to use. Some call us an alternative, some call us a clone...we call Friendio a network about People, not marketing or selling personal information. The world's largest social network was about People, now it's all about quarterly profits, IPOs and making money from your information and activities through marketing. We promise not to forget what this is all about...People. Originally, we made Friendio for us, our friends & family. After being featured on Fox News and media outlets around the world, we decided... It's all about You!