Privacy Policy Statement This statement discloses the information gathering process and the privacy and dissemination practices at Friendio® is an Internet and mobile phone friends portal designed to provide an easy way to meet other friends with an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Sony PSP, mobile cell phone or a computer. The site is administered by Friendio, Inc. of Orland Park, Illinois. We do not change this policy after you register and use our service. In other words, we do not do what some social networks are well known for, which is the intentional alteration of their privacy policy in order to allow them to make some or all of your private information suddenly become public without your knowledge. Friendio will never do this to you, our policy remains the same always. Friendio is a service that collects no credit card numbers or street addresses, and no bank information as membership is free. Any visitors may choose to browse the Site or view any pages by signing up free. (Payment information may be obtained by Friendio from advertisers who need to pay for the use of our advertising campaigns offered, but this information is never shared). When you register at Friendio you may be sent an email with an activation link to prove you own the email address (unless you use our third party login). You can not login until you verify this, unless you were invited by another member. Once verified you can login. Your profile page will not be hidden from view but you can change this from all to only you and any friends, or mutual friends, in your privacy settings. This is the default setting which can be changed any time you wish by clicking 'Privacy Settings' in the top menu bar, below 'Account'. You can direct any questions to us easily by adding us to your friends list for any support. If you remove, or never add us, you can obtain support by clicking the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of any page, there is no requirement to have us as a friend, and if we are your friend we can see everything you do. Removing us removes your activity from our own social feed. Mobile Users: Friendio is available through mobile connections on standard devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Android, Palm Pre, Blackberry, iPod Touch WiFi, and more. Before you can access the mobile site you need to create an account from the main site or the mobile site. Mapping: Geo location (GPS / IP / GPRS / SMS) : No users can see your location when you are signed in to outside of the city / state you enter; the Service does not follow your location for privacy reasons, it only records your IP address as all Websites do, whether you log in to them or not. There is no social 'mapping' such as GPS that identifies your exact location. Using SMS for text messaging to Friendio does not reveal your location to any other user. Featured Members: The staff at Friendio may feature members from time to time. A featured member's privacy settings do not change. If your entire profile is set to private users can not view your profile unless they are one of your friends or have a mutual friend. Sign-Up: The registration form requires users to provide contact information such as a name, email address and demographic information including your country to help other friends know your location and distinguish you from other members since names can be duplicates in the system. You can also sign-up with any popular social network or email provider and bypass our registration form, however we recommend you do not bypass the registration and register the 'old fashioned' way since you may one day leave a third-party network and not be able to access your account at Friendo (in simple terms, sign-up using our sign-up form, don't click icons to register). Our site contains links to other web sites and our site is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such sites. Private, Public and Aggregate Information obtained on PRIVATE INFORMATION is any information that allows others to contact a user other than through the site or allows the collection of information about the user other than what is displayed on the site. PUBLIC INFORMATION is personal information that may be displayed on the site, such as city, or country location. This information is meant to be seen by members and visitors to the site but cannot be used to identify a specific member by address, or other profile information unless you enter the private information yourself, making it public. By default, when you register your profile can be viewed by anyone at all until you set your privacy settings. Members can post images of themselves but no identifying information is allowed to be posted with any image. Please note that images posted can be used by in advertising or press releases about our phone friends and friend connect social networking service, unless your images are set as friends only. AGGREGATE This is information we collect that is not personally identifiable, such as browser type and IP address. This information is gathered from all visitors to the friend connect service for our own visitor statistics. All Websites you visit on the Internet collect this information, even if you only visit the home page for a second and leave. Use of Information Obtained by Friendio PRIVATE INFORMATION: We may use a user's email address to send news regarding our site. We do not rent, sell, give away or disclose any email, street address, or phone information to third parties. When you register, your profile information can be viewed by friends whom you accept and their friends as well as the public. No other user of the Friendio site outside of the site administrator can view your profile unless you accept them as a friend, or send them a friend request where they may accept your request, once your privacy settings are set to 'Friends Only'. Checking Your Privacy Settings and Changing Them You may at any time change (or check) your privacy settings from within your account. Simply click on Account and modify the privacy information located under 'Privacy Settings'. If you have never modified your privacy settings your profile can be viewed by anyone besides friends and mutual friends. It is your option to make parts or all of your profile private or public. In addition to this Privacy Policy there is an addendum available for review if you are a user outside of the United States. You can view this addendum, which adds to this policy for international compliance, at this link:

More About Friendio® Friendio is a place where people can connect with friends and the people you care about. Invite your friends today, so they can invite their friends, and watch this community grow. Friendio is free to us. We know profile privacy is important today, and that's why your profile can easily be marked 'Friends Only' so nobody can view any data in your profile unless they are a friend (you can change to this setting at any time you choose to, you can even set your profile so nobody can see it at all but you). You can further select (in your privacy settings) who can see what at any time. This will never change unless you change it.You can instantly import videos from YouTube or anywhere you like. Create business and brand pages, music pages, school pages and more. Once you register you are part of the network. If you use Android visit Google Play and search for Friendio. Friendio is operated in Orland Park, Illinois and we're not big supporters of social media censorship, we believe in freedom of speech and freedom of expression, but we don't accept violence or other unlawful content. Friendio is a Registered Trademark recorded by the United States Patent & Trademark Office. Friendio was developed as an alternative way to share with the world and keep in touch with family and friends in a simple social environment that's easy to use. We're an alternative, a network about People, not marketing or selling personal information. We are not about quarterly profits, IPOs and making money from your information and activities through marketing. We promise not to forget what this is all about...People and civil rights. Originally, we made Friendio for us, our friends & family. After being featured on Fox News, Mashable and media outlets around the world, we decided... It's all about You!